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neighborhood pub of the month: the regal beagle

Okay, I’ll admit it.  We quasi-city dwellers in Mission Hills rather covet the ample bar and pub supply in neighboring Hillcrest and North Park, where it seems a new nightspot opens on the daily (each unimaginably hipper than the rest).   (And before you protest with exhortations about Shakespeare’s Pub and Grille and Starlite, allow me me interject:  I like a good IPA and don’t love being led to drink along a frontage road.)

About a month ago, my husband and I wandered down the rickety triple-flight of stairs linking our north Mission Hills neighborhood to the small business district at Washington and India to check out the Regal Beagle, an adorable little pub located across from the most recent Jonathan Segal monstrosity on India Street, south of Washington and east of the 5 Freeway.   Dear reader, it was love at first sight.   From the small, cozy vibe to the behind-the-bar blackboard filled with local and regional craft brew offerings (just say yes to the Coronado Brewing Company’s 30th Street Pale Ale), Regal Beagle acclimates well to the simple, laid-back vibe of our little urban neighborhood by the bay.  Did I mention they have a game closet (omg! LOVE) and show full-length films on Tuesday nights? (Recent offerings:  a doubleheader of Elf and a Christmas Story — just before the holidays, of course — and Office Space, which always, even fifteen years later, rings true for we cubicle-dwellers.)

Regal Beagle gets a thumbs-up on the food front as well, offering an impressive array of sausages that impressed my omnivore husband (though this vegetarian can’t vouch for them personally).  All RB sausages are supplied by San Marcos-based T&H Prime Meats and Sausage and are nitrate- and preservative-free (keep it local, kids!), and their buns are locally supplied as well.  I tried the black bean veggie burger — basic, but enjoyable — and the tater tots, which transported me back to elementary school lunch period in the best way possible and paired well with my Racer 5 IPA.

(Side note:  you may have heard about Regal Beagle from the good folks at 94.9 FM.  I hear they sponsor regular events here, so wander on over to 94.9’s Web site to check out their calendar of events.)

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  1. You forgot to mention that your food order is under the name of an old school sitcom character! When we went, our order was lovingly referred to as Stephanie Tanner, from Full House fame! It definitely made us laugh.

    • YES! I totally forgot — you’re right. I was Diane Chambers from Cheers, which cracked me up. My husband was Judge Harry from Night Court. Throwback! Thanks for the reminder 🙂


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