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oooh, salty!

Before my sister-in-law and fellow foodie Katie stepped in, I might have continued cooking for years with boring ground sea salt.  Thank goodness for intervention.

This Christmas, I was gifted with a beautiful box of British import Maldon sea salt flakes which, quite honestly, I had never heard of but was happily willing to try.  (“You can put this on food?  Sold.”)

I started out by adding Maldon to my basic daily salad dressing (a generous dollop of extra virgin olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinaigrette, and generous doses of both salt and freshly ground black pepper — nothing groundbreaking here, folks).  I’ve since used it to bake potatoes, flavor soup, and make homemade buttermilk pancakes, of all things.   Almost immediately, I noticed a difference:  Maldon flakes are soft and free of additives, which translates into sharper taste and a less is more, use sparingly mantra. (Ask manfriend:  I speak from experience.)   You can find Maldon at Whole Foods and other specialty grocers stateside.  To learn more about the saltmaking process, check out Maldon’s fun little history lesson.


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