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coming soon: q&a with terra san diego chef jeff rossman

Last Christmas, I received the fabulous cookbook From Terra’s Table (Chef’s Press 2010), authored by local chef Jeff Rossman (owner of Terra San Diego, Bunz Gourmet Burger Joint, and the Terra and Shalom Kosher catering companies).

I absolutely adored it — manfriend sure knows how to gift me — and immediately set about trying to cook my way through the 140 or so recipes featured in Chef Jeff’s local food bible.  Each recipe was replete with a local food or wine pairing — adore — and featured stories about local organic farmers, wineries, and healthy food initiatives throughout San Diego County.  Of course, as January drew to a close, my Terra resolution petered out just as my previously dogged commitment to 6 a.m. bootcamp had before it.

Where I grew up (in the Corn Belt, ironically) restaurants like Jeff Rossman’s are scarce. I find his commitment to sustainable agriculture inspiring, and I want to pick his brain about what built that philosophy, the future of organic farming in San Diego, and the viability of restaurant models such as his in more far-flung cities throughout the United States.  Chef Jeff will be with us for a Q&A once San Diego’s Restaurant Week draws to a close, so if you have questions for him, please send them to me in the comments or at

Also this month:  watch my 30 for 30 attempt, wherein I’ll try to cook one recipe a day featured in From Terra’s Table. I’ll post all the details about food shopping and selection, of course, as well as some lovely photos of the finished product (or, as reader and close friend Amber calls it, “food porn”).  Salud!


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