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new obsesh: shopper seeks (and rainy days)

diega approves.

A few summers ago, my husband and I swung through NYC on our way to a friend’s wedding in Vermont.  It was the fourth of July, and we celebrated America by having one too many all-you-can-drink mimosas with my best friend (if you’re in NYC, go visit him here) and toddling aimlessly toward Central Park in the midst of a sweltering heat wave; this eventually resulted in a much-needed pseudo-nap near Central Park Zoo, but I digress.

At the fireworks-watching party of a friend of a friend, we had the good fortune of running into a elementary school classmate I hadn’t seen since my IU days and his then-fiance.  It was wonderful reminiscing with Tom about our Indiana roots, but I particularly enjoyed Andrea, his now-wife and a successful entrepreneur.   Andrea and Tom have since left NYC for San Francisco, but we’ve kept in touch via Facebook.  This year, Andrea launched a fantastic site called ShopperSeeks.  Here’s the gist:  if you’re looking for, say, a  Trina Turk beach tote or a python pair of Manolo lookalikes,  you log into the site, post the basic details about what you’re coveting, and the site’s community finds it for you.

A few months ago, Andrea ran a giveaway on ShopperSeeks’ Facebook page for Hunter rain boots — AND I WON!  (I never win anything, and I’m not being self-deprecating.  It’s true.)  I’ve been waiting since December for an occasion to wear them, and today provided the perfect opportunity.  Bring on the rain!

 desperately seeking d&g?  mosey on over to ShopperSeeks and let Andrea and her team help you out. 

rainy weather means blankets, candles, and Redbox.  to get your Voluspa fix, check out Cathedral in Hillcrest. 

why haven’t you rocked out to el camino yet


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  1. I have the same boots and today I bought those socks 🙂 Guess we have similar taste!

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