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get moving: redondo beach 10k

Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite sporting days of the year (especially when I think back past the Colts’ almost-winningless season to 2007, when they beat Chicago for the ring), and last year we started a new tradition with the running of the Redondo Beach 5k/10k ($35 for the 10k) in (where else?) Redondo Beach, California.  My husband’s brother and his lovely wife (who recently added the world’s cutest baby — no, really — to the mix!) live just a few blocks from the starting line, which makes for ultimate convenience on race morning.

last year's happy runners, post-race

Aside from a minor snafu wherein I realized I mistakenly registered my husband as a female (thus causing him to win second place in the women’s division — oopsie), we absolutely loved the race and thought it was well-organized and great fun.  We’re continuing the tradition by running the RB10k again this year.  Won’t you join us, dear reader?


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former journalist, reluctant lawyer, food lover. waylaid by the beach but an indiana girl at heart.

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  1. bwahahahaha… registering david as a female? LOVE IT. I lol’d, b. love you.


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