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daily dinner: grilled salmon with garlic peppercorn rub and crispy fries with parsley

I’ve been a pescetarian for about four years, so it’s not customary for a butcher shop to pique my interest — but enter Siesel’s Meats, the next-door neighbor to last week’s happy find Bay Park Fish Company.  Siesel’s reminds me of the old IGA grocery just down the street from my childhood home in southern Indiana, but with a gourmet twist:  imagine entire aisles of unique cheese, jams and jellies, and meat and fish rubs alongside cases of local craft beer and organic wines with a traditional meat and fish counter stretching the entire length of one wall.  I selected two gorgeous filets of Scottish salmon and, after much deliberation, Char Crust’s roasted garlic peppercorn dry rub as an accompaniment.  The price for two filets was $20, which elicited a slight eyebrow raise from my husband, but oh, were they worth it. 

"what a treat!" exclaimed my grilling manfriend.

I made the Food Network crispy potatoes (but substituted parsley, from our CSA box, for sage) and while they stuck to my (admittedly janky) baking pan somewhat, they were incredible.


For dessert, we kept things simple:  strawberries from Be Wise Ranch (in January? you ask) with a drizzle of chocolate and fudge.

the finished product

I hear Siesel’s has also teamed with Great News Cooking School (1788 Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach) to offer a variety of cooking classes.  View the class schedule online here.





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  1. You are so cute!

  2. Better get some coupons for those salmon filets, y’all!


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