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it’s been awhile, lovelies.

A whole week, in fact.  (**turns away in shame**)

When I started this little project, I promised myself to blog at least once a day, whether a short blurb about a product or event I was interested in, or a lengthier missive about a restaurant I’d tried, a new recipe or grocery, or about food more generally.  Of course, the best-laid plans often fall by the wayside, and that’s exactly what happened last week:  a sick husband, house projects, twelve-hour days at the office, and dealing with several of my mother’s health crises.

In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting in the Peet’s in Hillcrest, watching the sky turn pink along the horizon of low-lying buildings and storefronts and awaiting the outcome of my mom’s cataract surgery.  Since most of my readers are my friends, many of you may already know that my sweet mama has suffered from type I (juvenile) diabetes since her twenties; she was diagnosed much later than most juvenile diabetes cases, making her particular affliction “adult-onset,” but this is indeed the diabetes you have no part in contracting for yourself.  (In other words, hold your judgment:  this isn’t Paula Deen’s disease.)  At any rate, I’ve been familiar with the juvenile diabetes lexicon since a very early age, and while it weighed on me then, it is simply part of my mom’s life that she grapples with daily.  Now that she’s (quite happily, I might add) moved to San Diego, I am  beginning to see the impact of her condition with adult eyes (no pun intended).

the blogger and her mama

But enough of that for now.  Rest assured, dear reader, that I’m back.  And I’m taking suggestions.  What do you want to read about?   Tell me.  I simply can’t wait to hear from you.





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former journalist, reluctant lawyer, food lover. waylaid by the beach but an indiana girl at heart.

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  1. I didn’t know your Mom moved to SD!


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