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new obsession: evolve cuisine.

Thanks to Twitter, I spent about 20 minutes today perusing the website for Evolve Cuisine, the latest collaboration by chefs Daniel Barron and Flor Franco.  Daniel Barron is a Detroit boy (will someone tell me why I always feel compelled to give a giant shout-out/high-five/slow hand clap to my fellow Midwesterners?) whose credits include Nashville‘s The Mad Platter, NYC’s Cesca, Donald Trump’s Premier Casino Restaurant in Atlantic City, and AnQi in Costa Mesa. Most recently, he was deemed Chef of the Fest at the 2011 San Diego Food & Wine Festival. Flor Franco is a former PR director who started her own catering company after leading several well-known event magazines.  She is the owner of Urban Chicken on 25th Street and volunteers at Olivewood Gardens, an urban farming oasis in National City, Calif., and one of my favorite San Diego nonprofits.

Pitched as “the culinary intersection of modernist cuisine and fresh, organic fare,” Evolve embodies the concept of traveling food.  Their first event, entitled “Origins Dinner,” will be held at The Wellington in Mission Hills on March 6th and 7th. The reception begins at 6:15, with the eight-course “pop-up dinner” commencing at 7 pm.  Check out event details and to-die-for photos here.  Who’s with me?


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