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product of the day: zucchini garden lites

On a recent Whole Foods excursion, I was tempted by these adorable little frozen zucchini souffles by Garden Lites.  And oh, did I give in.

image courtesy of garden lites

At 140 calories a pop, these make for amazing, quick breakfasts (just 4 minutes in the microwave, though I’d recommend trying them in the oven at least once for more even cooking).  I paired them with steel cut oats with raspberries (both from Trader Joe’s, my favorite one-stop shop).   My one complaint?  They were a bit pricey ($3.99, I believe, at Whole Foods).  But they have definite potential to be a go-to staple for frenzied mornings.



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  1. Thanks for the great review! Please feel free to share this link to a $0.75 off coupon toward your next Garden Lites purchase!


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