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San Diego Coastkeeper Reveals How to Find Sustainable Seafood in SD

At Monday night’s “Sign of the Tides” panel discussion, the good folks at San Diego Coastkeeper tackled the topic of buying sustainable seafood in our little haven by the bay Behold, a few tips from the San Diego Coastkeeper’s Web site:  

1. Select Sustainable: Get educated about the solutions to the global issue of depleting fish populations–choose the a sustainable fish caught with sustainable practices. You can download the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Guide or smart phone app. You can also look for the blue Marine Stewardship Council certification on seafood available in stores. This label carries products from fisheries assessed by the Council as originating from a sustainable fishery, which allows gives consumers to identify and purchase seafood from well-managed sources. As an educated consumer, remember to ask questions when you visit a retailer or restaurant.

2. Buy Local Fish: Remember to ask where your fish is from. Seafood that is caught outside of San Diego must be shipped long distances to reach our plates. This requires large amounts of fuel, which releases many pollutants into the air that harm our environment. Seafood that is caught or raised in San Diego spends far less time in transit; giving consumers a product that has a smaller carbon footprint and helps our local economy. Knowing where fishermen catch your seafood enables you to choose healthy options of the freshest and highest quality seafood. Thinking local ensures that local fishing communities can compete with large national and international processors and maintain traditional coastal communities.

3. Support Local Fishermen: San Diego has a fleet of small-scale, owner-operated boats that target well-managed fish populations. By supporting local fishermen, you’ll preserve the environment and strengthen your community by investing your food dollars close to home. Buying local is this easy: find a fish merchant or retailer that purchases fish primarily from fishermen who practice sustainable fishing techniques in local waters and eat at local restaurants that have an environmentally conscious philosophy. The small additional cost of a locally caught fish is a wise investment in our ocean’s and our region’s future. Soon you will also be able to buy directly from fishermen, on the docks and at farmer’s markets.

(quoted copy via Jamie Ortiz of San Diego Coastkeeper).

Our Coastkeeper friends have since released, in conjunction with Slow Food San Diego, the following list of sustainable local restaurants. (But bear in mind, dear reader, that not all fish offered at those are sustainable, and you should still be an informed consumer and ask lots of questions.  Go on, be annoying! The ocean will thank you.)

If you’re looking to buy sustainable fish to cook at home, check out these places:

And while you’re at it, “like” the San Diego Fisherman’s Working Group on Facebook.  SDFWG, led by Pete Halmay, plans to develop a way to enable San Diego consumers to purchase fish directly from local fisherman at the docks.



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