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Love my city.


DTLA’s hidden gem


Angel’s Flight Railway, downtown Los Angeles. 50 cents per round trip. Sold.

Dreaming of…


My Monday breakfast. (poached eggs over spinach)

file this under horrifying:

This is moronic.

Vogue Puts 7-Year-Old Girl On Diet: How Not To Solve Childhood Obesity.

el take it easy

el take it easy

dear manfriend: I’ll take this tonight at El Take It Easy. K, thx!

Amid devastation, a story of hope

As I think of those wracked by the devastation of last week’s tornadoes in my home state, I’m sending one up in particular for this woman and her family:

Marysville, Indiana Tornado: Stephanie Decker Loses Parts of Both Legs | NewsFeed |


yes! more of this: fun’s some nights intro

“tea parties and twitter / i’ve never been so bitter.”

LOVE these guys.